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The booking request by email or by the form is valid for 15 days (48h if the reservation is scheduled within less than 1 month). After this period, the request is considered void. The booking takes effect by a payment of a deposit of 30% of the rental amount - 50% for one night - by check payable in France, or by bank transfer reference at the end of the contract. Other costs of the stay and other services of the stay must be paid (cash-check) before the end of the stay.

The cancellation by the tenant of his reservation must be done by mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by registered mail. If the tenant cancels his reservation more than one month before the start of the rental, half of the amount of the deposit remains acquired to the owners. If the cancellation occurs less than one month before the beginning of the stay, the deposit remains with the owners who reserve the right to ask the balance of the price of the accommodation in case of very late cancellation.

Regarding the arrival and departure times, and in order to offer you the best quality of service, the rooms are accessible from 16h on the day of your arrival and must be vacated by 11am the day of your departure. If you think you should arrive earlier, we thank you for informing us at least a few days in advance. We can then agree on the conditions of your welcome to l'Embellie. In order to better organize the reception, the tenant and the owners agree prior to an approximate time of arrival. Any significant change should be reported as early as possible. Any reduction in the length of stay by the tenant, either on arrival or because of early departure, does not give right to any refund.
In case of force majeure (example: loss), and the owners are unable to receive the tenants, the payments made are immediately and fully refunded. The owners are committed to making every effort to help tenants find accommodation in the area on the same dates. In addition, without prejudice to the remedies for damages suffered, the tenant will receive compensation equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation was made by him.

The rental is done personally by the signatory of the contract and can not benefit even partially to third parties with the agreement of the owners. The number of guests is defined at the time of booking and can only be changed upon prior request, as the room can accommodate additional guests.

Tenants are liable for any damage that occurs on their own and must be insured by a contract that includes the risks occurring on holiday. The owners are not responsible for the tenants' property, especially in case of theft or depredation in their rooms or in their vehicle parked on the property.

In accordance with the regulations, the interior of l'Embellie's premises are smoke-free areas. Tenants' attention is also drawn to the fire hazards that can be caused by butts, especially in summer or drought. We are respectful of our environment both in terms of energy saving and cleanliness, so are our guests.

The guest can not stay with a pet of any kind. In case of non-compliance with this clause by the client, the owner will refuse the animal access to the entire house and outdoor spaces belonging to the house. This refusal can not be considered as a modification or a break of the agreement on the initiative of the owner, so that in case of departure of the customer, no refund can be considered.

Any stay in our house implies that you have taken notice and accept these terms and conditions.